Photos about Germany

Here will be a series of photos and sights from Germany. Sorted from North to South.

North Sea Impression from the beach of the North Sea at Sylt
... the typical beach baskets at the windy beach Sylt beach
waves of Sylt wind and waves of the most nothern island, Sylt, of Germany.
blue dot - towards Sylt

Nabada at Ulm "Nabada" - the national day of Ulm.
Everybody is on or in the river of Danube, the sparrow of Ulm and the tailor of Ulm.
So called "wild Nabader".
Nabada is local slang, even not understandable for most Germans. It means na=downwards bada=bathing, hence "swimming downstream".
wild Nabader
blue dot - towards Ulm

München Munic.
View over the city and Frauenkirche to the Alp mountains.
The Frauenkirche (church) is the emblem of Munic.
Neuschwanstein castle in winter - a dream.
Neuschwanstein means the new castle of the swans situated on the rocks.

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